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Bullfinder.com terms of use


Following are the terms and conditions to be abided for using bullfinder.com and its affiliate services hereinafter also called the "Site". By accepting these and there by using the Site, you agree to abide with these terms and conditions with Bullfinder.com ("we", "us" or "Bullfinder") in relation to your use of the Site (the "User Agreement"). By clicking on ‘Accept’ this User Agreement is effective. Kindly do not access or register with us, if you don’t agree to this user agreement.

Prior to becoming or continuing as a member in the Site, you ought to read, agree and accept this User Agreement and Bullfinder.com Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"). Any implied or linked information or terms in this are also part of this User Agreement.

Amending and Changing the User Agreement

You acknowledge and agree that Bullfinder.com shall make changes or amendments to these terms in line with this User Agreement which may or may not affect your current use of the site and with prior notice or not.

Fees and Services

Bullfinder.com does not charge the user for using the Site. We might at times change the charges for promotional events like free shipping and will be effective as per the terms we post on the Site.

Registering with Bullfinder.com

To register as a member you have to provide certain information and register a username and password for use on this Site. By becoming a member of the Site, you agree:

  • You are responsible for all activities under your account and password. Any unauthorized use of your username and password should be reported immediately to Bullfinder.com. Under no circumstances will Bullfinder.com be liable for any consequences whatsoever resulting from the revealing of your username and/or password. You are not to use any other person's account at any time. You agree to payback Bullfinder.com for any illegitimate use of your account by you or anyone using your username and password. You have to give accurate, current, true and complete information about yourself as prompted by Bullfinder.com's registration form (the "Registration Data").
  • You will not include any of your contact details, like e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or personal details or the word "bullfinder" in your registration user ID or store name.
  • You will update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete; otherwise Bullfinder.com might suspend or cancel your membership with it.
  • Bullfinder.com might make inquiries if necessary and request you to give information or documentation to verify your identity and/or ownership of your financial instruments. You agree that if you do not provide those, Bullfinder.com might suspend or cancel your access to the Site and/or your membership of the Site. We also will cancel unconfirmed, unverified or long inactive accounts.

Membership Eligibility

Bullfinder.com wants to make sure that all its members are able to enter into legal contracts and minors should not purchase inappropriate content. You agree that you are 18 years or over before you become a member of the Site. Bullfinder.com reserves the right to deny access to the Site or the membership of any person if Bullfinder.com finds that person is under age of 18 years. Registering more than once is not allowed.

Bullfinder.com payment - BULLPAY

Through Bullfinder BULLPAY you can pay for the items on the Site online by "Mypouch" or Cash On Delivery.

Email and Communications

We might communicate with you by email or by posting notices on the Site and you agree that all communication that we send to you electronically are legally standing as it is in writing. Bullfinder.com derives your agreement from the registration process to send you promotional emails, which if you do not want, can stop by clicking on the link at the bottom of any promotional email.

While using the Site

Do not plant viruses or malicious program code that might harm the Site or interests of the Site; Do not create problems with the services of our ISP or tamper with proper working of the Site; Do not take over or attempt to take over other user’s account; D not export the tools in the Site or copy or modify contents of the Site; Do not abuse any of Bullfinder.com’s policies or terms.

You undertake you are 18 years or above and will abide by all laws applicable locally and internationally with regard to the use of the site.

As is basis, risk involved.

Bullfinder.com does the trading on an "as is" and "as available" basis and does not warranty about the accuracy and completeness of the content on the Site or the Site will always be without error and interruption and servers are virus free and harm free. The internet nature is vulnerable to code or data corruption. We might also undertake maintenance work of the Site at times. You agree to use the Site at your own risk.

Copyright and Trademarks

All content of the Bullfinder.com site like text, graphics, logos, buttons, images, data and the compilation of the same are the property of Bullfinder.com or copyrighted work from its content suppliers and are protected by patent laws applicable.

The trade mark word "Bullfinder.com" and its particular style of writing or font or logo, words "Mypouch" and "Bullfinder BULLPAY" are trademarks of Bullfinder.com and thereby our logos and trademarks should not be used or misused by anyone. All other trademarks that are seen on the Site are the property of their respective owners, who might or might not be related to Bullfinder.com


Bullfinder.com safeguards your personal data with maximum technological protection possible. Even though, since the internet is not a secure medium the privacy can never be guaranteed. Bullfinder.com does not have command over third parties who may pose as you. You consent to our processing of your personal data for marketing, communications and the like. Our privacy policy governs us in the collection, process and use of those data.

Third party websites:

There might be links to third party sites. Those sites are not controlled by us and thereby we are not responsible for their content or offers and no claims can be raised towards Bullfinder.com for any matter related to those sites.

Damages or loss and Indemnity

To the law permitting extend, Bullfinder.com and anyone related will not be responsible for any damages or loss caused due to use of the Site and its services and cannot be held accountable for it.

If you find the Site and services unsatisfactory, only thing you can do is stop using it anymore. You agree to do no harm to and indemnify Bullfinder.com and its people from any claims arising out of those or breach of this agreement.

Cash on Delivery for mobile phones & electronics

Some products are not offered on Cash on Delivery. Bullfinder.com support team may ask you to pay an advance payment for any item worth more than 4000 AED. This is part of our assurance program to deliver the quality products to our customers.

Transfer of Rights and Obligations

You agree to the right of Bullfinder.com to hand over any or all of its rights, liabilities and benefits under this Agreement to any or all of its affiliates or whomsoever it deems fit to take over.


If any terms in this User Agreement becomes invalid, that particular clause can be removed and will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and their execution. This User Agreement which would be amended from time to time would be the base and touch stone of all the meanings derived and agreed between Bullfinder.com and you in relation this matter. No other person who is not a party to this User Agreement can enforce any clauses of this User Agreement. Whatever translations may be done to this agreement, only the English text shall prevail.

Clarifications and Governing Law

Any clarifications needed or disagreements related to this User Agreement and its ramifications if any, shall be initially tried to be settled amicably through dialogues in trust within 30 days from the notice send to the party. If not settled, the matter can be solved under rules of the Dubai International Financial Centre or by the Dubai courts. Above all the UAE law will govern this User Agreement and would be decisive in the event of any kind of cancellation of this User Agreement.